Summer 2009 REU Projects

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Preliminary Projects

First Beamline

The first beamline we constructed was on the +15 port of the switching magnet. The basic structure was intact; we removed extra beamstands and an ancient Sargent-Welch turbo pump station to clear out space. We added an Ion Pump to the upstream section, ie, the portion before the Magnetic Quadrupole. With the S-W turbo station gone, we had to rotate a tee and add a 90 degree bending Dependex to ISO MF adapter so that we could connect an Alcatel 5150 turbopump. A glass vacuum chamber is connected to the beamline with a double o-ringseal.

+30 Beamline

Later in the summer we put together a beamline on the +30 port of the switching magnet. A Pfeiffer turbopump handles the entire line, although we intend to add an ion pump upstream of the quad later. The target for our 27Al(p,n)27Si threshold experiment is a very robust piece of Al, so there is not yet a need for a separate target chamber pump.

Experiments using Neutron Detectors

Main Reference Site for Detectors - "How-To" [ ]

More design info on detectors-"picture and equations" [1]

BF(3), Facts and Ionization Energy [2]

Alpha Dog, Alpha Particle - All the Facts [3]

The Tantalum Section

Facts & Figures [[4]]

Hyperphysics Resistivity Page [[5]]

More info on resistivity [[6]]

THE Equation [[7]]

Isobaric Analog States - Undergraduate Edition An Isobaric Analog State is defined as certain nuclear states belonging to neighboring nuclear isobars and possessing identical structure except for the transformation of one or more neutrons into the same number of protons.It should be noted that in this case the term "isobaric" refers to ions or particles of the same mass. Citation:

Symbols and crop circles (in vacuum) some vacuum symbols [8] more symbols [9]

Summer 2010 Projects