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Dr. Honghai Song


Ph.D. - High Field Magnets and High Temperature Superconductors August 2010

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State Univ.


ˆ Accelerator Components, Magnets, Applied Superconductivity, Cryogenics, Vacuum and Cryocoolers

ˆ High Temperature Superconductor for High Magnetic Field and Power Applications

ˆ Superconducting Magnet Quench Protection, Stability, Quench Simulation and Analysis

ˆ Cryogenic Instrumentation and Development, Electrical Hardware Design, LabVIEW Programing

ˆ Magnetic and Electromagnetic Design, Multiphysics Modeling and Simulations

ˆ Superconducting Coil Winding, Fabrication, Epoxy Impregnation, Assembly and Integration

ˆ Superconducting Magnet Testing, Measurement and Diagnostics, Data Acquisition and Analysis

ˆ Magnetic Field Measurement, Hall Probe, NMR Probe, Rotating Harmonics Coils

ˆ Novel Superconductor Applications for Magnetic Shielding and Current Leads

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